Please excuse our mess!

Welcome! After a great first year, we are off and rolling into our second year. We have tons of changes in store for this year. While we are doing fewer shows a month; we are busying building our online presence so that you can access us anytime! That means building our site here; as well as our Etsy store and expanding our market. I hope to also start incorporating a monthly Blog so that you can follow along with us and our products created right here on our homestead. We are also expanding our garden so that we can grow more of our ingredients that make our products so great. 

Our Mission

Here at the Homestead we want to make herbal skincare  affordable and accessible for everyone! We want to help educate our customers about the ingredients in our products and how they can benefit every skin type. 

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The Flock

The people who make and test our products

Anna Whitman


Mrs. Chickadee

Anna makes all the products and labels. She manages the day to day going-ons from booking events and shows, to creating all the marketing for labels and media. You can always find her front and center at all of our events. She is always researching and reading to help make every product we make the best it can be.

Matt Whitman

Mr. Chickadee


'Mr. Chickadee' helps make the homestead what it is. He is always good for bouncing off ideas for product improvements and new product ideas. He is always willing to test out a new product. He has been the main inspiration for our growing men's line of products. He builds a majority of our display racks as well!


Co- head mascot

Watson is our co- head mascot, a title he shares with his little sister. He makes sure we all stay stress free, and happy on the homestead. He is also head nap organizer, a job he takes very seriously!


Co- head mascot

Bailey shares the role of Head mascot with her big brother. She is head of activities. She makes sure that we take time to enjoy life here on the Homestead.

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