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About the Homestead

We are located in beautiful Upstate New York, on 7+ acres of land. Our household consists of myself, Matt, two dogs, two cats, and 19 chickens. Yes, everyone of us has used one of the products we make. We do our best at trying to have some self sufficiency, here. Each spring we start plants from seed; and grow tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, beets, potatoes, broccoli, squash, garlic onions, and tons of herbs in our garden. Each year we seem to find a reason to expand the garden "just a bit more". Late summer and early fall we start preparing for the long winter; chopping and stacking wood, harvesting the last of our herbs and veggies before the heavy frost ends our growing season. We are busy drying herbs for culinary uses, chicken supplements, and of course to use in our products. We are canning the last of our tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Once winter sets in; is when a lot of our research and development begins. The winter is the slow season for us here, so its the perfect time to get to some of our ideas for new products. After many hours or research and reading, figuring out what we want out of the product we want to make; we begin building a recipe. From there the recipe gets tweaked each time a make a small test batch. Some are a flop and end up right in the garbage, others make it to testing phase and are adjusted from there, based on the input from the person testing it. Winter is also when soap gets made in huge quantities and we start things about scents and fragrances for the upcoming year. 

How It all Began

 Since I began using make up and skincare products as a young teen, I was always fighting allergic reactions and breakouts to every product I brought home. If I did find a product that didn't seem to bother my skin at the start, eventually my skin would rebel and thus another product I couldn't use went in the trash. Through the years it has been a constant battle. I never found a product that helped my skin in the ways I needed it to. 

Then, my thirties hit; and my skin rebelled some more. Only now I was battling the onset of wrinkles, rosie cheeks, and the black circles under my eyes (that come with lack of sleep). I began looking at the ingredients on the products I was buying. I realized I not only couldn't pronounce most of them, but I didn't even know how or if they benefited me. Not to mention when I did find a product that mostly did the job, it came with a HUGE price tag... for a very small amount. 

Thus began my quest to find out how to feel beautiful in my own skin, while fighting wrinkles, moisturizing my skin, and reducing those rosie cheeks; without breaking the bank! My first year of research and reading began in 2015. I needed to find out what kinds of natural ingredients were out there, and how they benefited my skin. I read about different oils and herbs; how each one interacted with particular skin types. How clays, essential oils, and natural exfoliants all played in harmony with one another to help my skin be the best it could be. 

My first product I ever made was my Lavender Aloe Moisturizer. To this day it is my go to daily lotion for everything from my face, hands, dry spots, and everything in between. It didn't take long for my friends to notice the change in my skin and start asking questions. I was more than happy to share my new products with them. 

Soon, I began to realize that there are many people out there just like me. Fighting the same daily struggle with their skin. So I set out to make skincare products that I could share with everyone. I want everyone to feel the way I do when I use the products I make, and I want them to know they don't have to spend $80 on a tiny jar of cream to get the job done! Thus, in 2016 Chickadee Homestead was born! We are steadily growing our customer base and reaching more of our neighbors to share our products and passion with them.