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A New Year!

April 25, 2018

Let's commence the first official blog from the Homestead! After a crazy first year, we are excited for what we have in store for our second year! The winter was cold, and so long... I was starting to worry that Mother Nature had forgotten us! but alas, spring has arrived. I will say the winter gave us lots of time to plan out our year ahead. While we are doing less shows a month this year; we are spending more time building the business behind the scenes. Since this business is my baby; I have a hand in every aspect of things. I've been hard at work this past winter; reading and researching for new product ideas, improving upon current products, and working on building our online presence. A big change that you will notice is that all of our product packaging has gotten a face lift. Some got the works; a new bottle and top. every single product got a new label! I am so pleased with how the new packaging is looking. I'm trying to make each label or collection of labels unique to the product. I've even incorporated some of my photography photos into our labels. I also try to order my supplies from small or U.S. based companies. 

One huge change that has taken place is I now have a workshop! My wonderful husband remodeled our laundry room and the area outside of it, so that I have a space to create products, and all my ingredients are in one place. No more bringing everything into our kitchen and then lining the counters with product for days on end. One downside is I now have no excuse for not making dinner... Lol! 

You will also notice that our logo got an update as well (thanks to a wonderful local artist). If you're reading this then you know we are building the website too. Here's what you can expect in the coming months: We will be launching the shop here on our website, as well as expanding our product selection on Etsy. I am busy taking new product photos as we speak. We are looking into expanding our products to new places both online and in brick and mortar locations. 

We are also trying to be more self sufficient in growing some of the herbs that go into our products. We have begun expanding the garden so that we can accommodate growing more herbs. I have been busy taking pictures as things move along. I will definitely have pictures to share as that gets done. Right now the girls and Pepper (AKA: the chickens) are busy tilling the soil, and hunting weed seeds and bugs in the garden as we prepare for the planting season.   

So, to the beginning of a new year! 


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